Company History

In 1919, Gordon Rennick commenced a legal practice in Melbourne and started providing his clients with mortgage services.  Gordon would match clients that had funds to invest with other clients who wanted to borrow money and could offer a mortgage over property they owned to secure the loan.

Gordon was soon joined by Bernie Gaynor to form Rennick & Gaynor, a legal firm that continues today to offer high quality legal services to a wide variety of clients.  Up until 1999, Rennick & Gaynor continued to provide the services commenced by Gordon Rennick, and then transferred this business into the public company Rennick & Gaynor Mortgages Ltd to comply with changes to the law.

In 2008, Rennick & Gaynor Mortgages Ltd changed its name to Principled Mortgage Investments Limited, and now continues to invest clients’ money in a careful, thorough and conservative manner, drawing on the expertise it has built up since 1919.

When you make an investment with Principled Mortgages today, you are receiving the benefit of over 100 years of mortgage investment experience and knowledge.  We continue to develop new products and services, but we will continue to provide the same basic service that Gordon Rennick commenced in 1919.

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