Business Continuity Update – 3 August 2020

Our Status

With the announcement of Stage 4 lock-down requirements for metropolitan Melbourne, our office will no longer be open from Thursday 6 August 2020 until those restrictions are lifted.  We have, however, full access to all of our electronic files and records and will continue to operate the business remotely.

You can continue to get in contact with us by email (preferred) and we can arrange zoom meetings if required.  We are working with our telephone provider to have our calls redirected.  In the mean time, you may contact Geoff Rowles on 0419 740 006.

Impacts on Work

All interest collections, distributions and all notices are being processed in the usual manner.


We apologise for any delays caused by our responses above and appreciate your understanding as our community works together to fight this pandemic.


Please stay safe and look after your family and friends during these challenging times.