Business Continuity Update – 30 March 2020

Our Status

We have no reported positive cases of COVID-19 at our office building or amongst our staff.  We remain at work, albeit in a reduced capacity.

Staff Precautions

In response to the government mandated requirements for social distancing, we have implemented a system of having half our staff away from the office each day, and we will only have staff in the office in the morning.  We hwill continue to assess our business needs and the health needs of our staff.

In the interests of our staff, their families and the wider community, we will not undertake personal meetings.  We will continue to be available via phone and email, and video conferencing can be arranged where required.

Impacts on Work

While we believe we will be able to continue to undertake all work, all clients should be aware that these responses are subject to change as the medical and governmental advice changes. At this time, we believe all interest collections, distributions and all notices will be processed in the usual manner.

We apologise for any delays caused by our responses above and appreciate your understanding as our community works together to fight this pandemic.


Please stay safe and look after your family and friends during these challenging times.