Principled Mortgage Investments Ltd provides investors with investments in mortgage investments that are secured by a registered mortgage over real estate in Australia. The investor can either choose specific mortgages one by one or simply invest in a defined group of mortgages selected by our managers.

What are the Mortgage Investments?

Principled Mortgages™ currently provides two different mortgage investment products via the Principled Mortgage Fund (ARSN 124 674 433). These products give investors the ability to choose a mortgage investment style that suits them.

There are two main styles of mortgage investments available for investors in the marketplace to choose from: Contributory funds and Pooled funds. Our Investment Products cover both of these styles of investment.

Contributory Funds

A Contributory Fund means that investors are provided with specific information about a particular mortgage investment, and the investor is invited to invest their money into that specific mortgage. Investors select the mortgages they want to invest in. We have been providing this type of investment since 1919.

Our Contributory fund product is the Select Mortgages Option™. Read more about this Investment Option by clicking on the box to the right.

Pooled Funds

Pooled Funds collect the investment money of a number of investors and then invest these funds into a range of mortgages, usually that meet certain defined criteria. Investors do not choose the individual mortgages and do not receive specific information about any of the individual mortgages in the pool.

Our Pooled Fund product is the Common Mortgages Option™.  Read more about this Investment Option by clicking on the box to the right.